A Coach Caveat Emptor:

A coaching client relationship is a "One Way Conversation"

The rigor of creating coaching magic requires that you 

Suspend your needs in a conversation

and place your focus on creating your client's

"Conversation with Themselves"

to high levels of resourcefulness, clarity and insight.

That's the only reason you are there!

You can't do that if you try to be a "friend". in that conversation.

By definition, a friendship is where a two way conversation flows.

If you have done a good job with your client as a coach;

all they are left with is themselves, at a much higher level than before being with you.

When I do my Best Work with my clients,

I am invisible, I'm not there for them - I have simply disappeared from their attention, because I have allowed all their attention to be on their own thinking.

That's the only reason you are there as a coach.  Expect more and you will pollute the process.

If you want a Friendship with a client outside of the session,

Be prepared to be brutal and rigorous when you are in the coaching session,

for your expectations and your needs will make it harder for you to coach.

But the risk for you is;

always that you will know a lot about them

...and that feels like a friendship,

but alas, they will know very little about you

and probably not care to know much more than what they do.

This lesson I share with you has been learnt the hard way.

Ouch!  It hurts.
This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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