Staying Out of Overwhelm.

You can manage Overload....if you take a long weekend off every three months.

But you have to stay out of Overwhelm!

Here's some quick ways to snap yourself out of it:
  • Read your vision. Go to the Big Picture!
  • Acknowledge yourself for being in overwhelm - acknowledge what you are feeling
  • Talk to your mentor or your coach - get them to remind you who you are, what you stand for and where you are going
  • Take a break, grab some UV's, wiggle your toes in some grass, suck in some fresh air, exercise, move
  • Sit in a Church and pray in your own special way
  • Meditate
You can't expect to spend time in overwhelm these days and keep your projects, your business or your relationships moving forward - Snap yourself out of it!

You simply can't afford it!

Mike Kennedy,
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