Self Manage & Control your Time!

Most of us are living our lives in a state of Overload - too many things on our to-do list, not enough hours in the day and skating on the edge of stress and burnout.

And sometimes we find ourselves crossing the line into Overwhelm - not knowing where to start, like a possum frozen in the headlights, we are not able to respond or deal with our responsibilities.

Staying out of this is a big key of time management. To do this, you need to take charge:
  1. SLOW down!
  2. Take time out to plan your approach
  3. Separate your tasks both in your mind and physically,
  4. Park the extraneous and less important activities
  5. ....and only concentrate on the most important things. Keep It Super Simple!
When you reach this stage you really need to rehabilitate your sense of being in control.

Mike Kennedy,
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