Not Enought Time + Too much Information=Overwhelm

You know what it's like - you have set up your project, with all the bells and whistles attached, you push the start button and....if you haven't cleared the decks, if you can't control the paper, the processes and your time - you get too much information, too many results too soon and you move into Overload.

Too much time in the physical state of Overload and you move into the emotional state of Overwhelm.

You'll find the emotional state of Overwhelm to be full of surprises......Emotional surprises.

Overwhelm's foundation is a feeling of being out of control. It's telling you to stop the bus - take charge of what's going to happen.... and what's not going to happen.

How you do that is to break your tasks down into individual pieces and work on strategies to deal with each task.

One of those strategies is to tell people what you are not going to do in the near future.

Sometimes to get up the mountain, you need to have someone to help you stay on track with keeping your bus on the road. That's what a coach does for you - keeps you out of overwhelm.

So, break it down to achievable individual bits, prioritise, delegate, decommission, take charge and be in control with what you can control.

That's the secret with dealing with Overwhelm.

.....oh yes - I almost forgot! - and make sure you eat well, sleep well and dose up your B group vitamins as well!

Mike Kennedy,
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