You are on an Emotional Roller Coaster!

Every industry and every role has their own emotional roller coaster!

And just like every roller coaster in the world, your first few rides on the emotional roller coaster is full of surprises, full of challenges and full of excitement! Sometimes it feels overwhelming!

....and like any roller coaster in the world, the more rides you take, the more you understand and manage your emotional responses.

Have you noticed that you have mastered some emotional roller coasters to the extent that while everyone else is screaming and panicking - you remain cool and in charge, moving deliberately toward successfully achieving your outcome?

That being said, once you have learnt one emotional roller coaster in one role or in one industry, when you get on a new emotional roller coaster, you end up screaming and panicking with the rest of them on the ride!

So, let's get clear about what your role or industry emotional roller coaster is and consciously learn the ups and downs and twists and turns of the roller coaster you are on right now.

That will give you mastery.

Mike Kennedy,
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