Bob's Hedgehog Concept

When "Bob" bought his business and property, he set about creating his strategy for turning his passion into making money.

We used the "Hedgehog Concept" from Jim Collin's book, "Good to Great"
Firstly, he clarified his Passion to:

Developing a business and property that is fun, full of hospitality and attracts travellers from all over the world.

Then he looked at what he could be "Best in the world at"

Home comforts for Travellers.  

The he looked hard and long at the books and the cash-flow needs and then came up with the "Economic Engine"; the critical number that was needed to drive the business's cash flow.

"100% occupancy all year round."

Simple strategies are most often the best strategies.  When times get complex, there's nothing like a simple strategy to help you get things back on track.

Bob has done well out of this strategy.  It's four years on and he has a thriving business and a property that's increased significantly in value.

He said to me:  

"It's great to be doing something I love.  Every day never feels like work, just fun."

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