Bob's Journey to Making Money from his Passion.

There was something missing.

On the surface, "Bob" had everything going for him.

Beautiful wife, fantastic kids, outstanding home and property and a property development business that was providing the means for the "Good Life"

But there was definitely something missing.

Bob had lost his Passion.

And one day, in  a business coaching session,  he identified that his passion was what was missing and we started the process to find his passion and figure out a way to make money from it.

We entered the process by working out what he really, really liked and wanted in his work life.

We came up with a list of his eight highest work values, his ten most valued skills, his three greatest strengths and we set about finding a good fit for him, using this checklist to rate it clearly against his needs.

He created five main criteria:
  1. it had to be about property development
  2. It had to be about having fun and creating fun with people
  3. It had to have a service and hospitality aspect
  4. It had to generate a specific figure of cash flow
  5. It has to have something in it about him speaking French.
 (I never really understood how we could fit that last one in, but he was clearly adamant about including it.)

After about a month of this research process, Bob came to me and said: "I've found a backpacker business and property.  "I recognised it instantly that it fulfilled my needs." He said.   He explained it to me and also said that there was a significant number of French speaking people who visit his city  every year. Ticked the box.

He checked out the building.  It was solid and needed some improvements.  Ticked the box.

He checked out the business books.  The business was under performing and it had the capacity of being improved to reach his cash flow needs.  Ticked the box.

The sale was quick and while it was proceeding he laid his plans out.

Bob was on the road to making money from his Passion!

That's the process within the first step to making money from your passion: Find out and write down what you really, really want.  Then go out and find options and analyze them against what you really, really want.

"When the business owner is ready, the business will appear"

If you want to do this process with some support, give me a call and we'll make a start.

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