The Bottom of the Barrel is a Good Place to Start.

Hi Dan,

(and anyone who has hit the Bottom of the Barrel)

You might not think this, but this is a perfect time to clarify what you really, really want and then set off in hot pursuit of it.

You have nothing to lose anymore, so why  not go for it?

So think about something that really inspires you  - it probably feels way out of your reach, but think about it anyhow.

Write it down as clearly as you cab - put some sort of realistic deadline upon it - make sure you have some measurables in it and Voila!  There's your goal!

Then ring me up and tell me how excited you are about this.

I will help you in the next steps.

Go for it Dan - you might as well!

Thanks for visiting us here. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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