The Dramatic and Epic Saga of Your Critical Voice and Your Inner Child

You have a dramatic saga going on inside of you.

Your Inner child wants to play and 
have it's own way.

Your Parent  wants to remove all risk 
 and protect you at all costs.

This sometimes looks like an all out battle  
going on inside of you.

Transactional Analysis shows us how to insert the Adult between the two battling selves.

This creates a new possibility of personal integration:
                                Your Three Selves:
Parent  | Adult | Child

The trick is for you to learn is that  
your Adult firstly  
listens to
both the Parent and 
then your Child
with Respect.

Then, your Adult  
makes a decision,
taking in consideration what 
the Adult and Child want,
but making the decision 
based on the Adult's 
of the situation,
the consequences of the decision 
& the benefits of the decision. 

The Adult
 makes the decision;
the Parent & the Child just want to
 be heard out.

 Here's an amazing Ted Talk that shows you what can happen when you try and shut your inner  voices down.  
There are consequences.

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