What is a Mentor and Why They Are Critical to Your Success.

Dear Nick,

It's really important to understand what a mentor is and why they are important.

.....basically, a mentor is someone, who if you wanted to climb up a certain mountain, who is successful in climbing up and down that mountain every day.

So, they are already successful at something you want to succeed at.

And, for some reason, they take a interest in you and they will listen to what you want to do, advise you on how to get started, warn you of dangers you would have ever know about, let you cry on their shoulder when you take a hit and celebrate with you when you score a win.

On top of all that, they will introduce you along the way to people who will help you get ahead, fast.

A mentor can become the best friend you could ever ask for - they are looking out for your back.

I once coached a thirty year old man who told me how when he was in high school, he had a teacher who took an interest in him.  He guided him, encouraged him, opened doors for him and this guy was a total success in academics and sport in High School.

He wet to University ad there found two professors who took a interest in him.  Once again, he enjoyed stellar success at University.

Then, he got a job in a corporation and by some stroke of luck, the CEO took him under his wing.  Once more, stellar success.

Then, when he turned 26, the CEO retired and everyone in the organization thought this guy was so successful, that he didn't need any help.  This man had four years wandering around in the Dark Forest of his career before he came to me.  And it took six sessions with me for him to have this epiphany - "I really do well when I have a Mentor!

The Joke is: Most people have never had a Mentor!

The trick with this is to clarify what you really, really want and then, find someone who inspires you who is successfully doing what you want to do.

The cost of doing this?  Swallowing your fear of success!

Good Luck Nick!

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