"There is strength in softness. Remember, It's all backwards," Stuart Wilde RIP

In a coaching session with my coach, I took on an action to write an email to Stuart Wilde, a man who I've been reading avidly over the last six months.

This was a challenge, but really it was low hanging fruit...and I knew it.

I got off the session and started searching for a website with some contact details for Stuart.

I found his website and found a post saying In Loving Memory of Stuart Wilde RIP.


It was last May, he was on a scenic drive in Ireland and suffered a fatal heart attack, dying at age 66.

Someone once said that people who read books are having a conversation with the author.

I've been having a great time with Stuart. 

However, after reading his exploits, lifestyle and writing style in his later years, I was talking to middle aged Stuart, in his light and positive phase.  And that's just how I want to remember him.

There's nasty stuff on the internet about Stuart.  There always has been.  Stuart had a way of polarising people - you either loved him...or you hated him.

But thank you Stuart for your Taoist inspired Wilde rants and raves.  You have helped me trust and make sense of things previously I was scared and mystified about.

You probably drank too much, chased all the wrong women and partook in way too many brought the way of Tao to the man on the street - simple and easy to relate to.

You may have explored some pessimistic and dark places, but I will always remember you as being the light bearer of more ways than one.

I was lucky enough to attend one of your seminars in the 80's and as well to listen to the many stories of your adventures with Glynn in the mystery school that Glynn Braddy had to tell in his Four Seasons seminars.

Thank you Stuart for inspiring us all.

Thanks for visiting us here. 
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