I met a man from my past the other day...

His name was Peter...and he was still with his wife Jenny, some thirty odd years later. Both of them living quiet, reflective and aware lives.

We were ardently exploring Primal Therapy together in a group called the "Organismic Growth Centre".  Our work was based on the work of  Arthur Janov Phd. and his book called "The Primal Scream"  (Brilliant choice of the pubisher to put that Munch painting on the cover!)

I always admired Peter as a deep and resonant thinker and a committed student of primal.  At the time, with only his example, he inspired me to take on training to guide people through this process as a therapist.

"Emotion travellers, hitching a ride back on our feelings to experience
our Critical Incidents in our past with the aim of freedom, authenticity and creativity.

...and sometimes even experiencing our births again."

It was a great thing to do, and Peter noted that it was probably out of reach for most people today,

There being such a time poverty and a focus on merely surviving these days.

Back then, we had the time, and the inclination to explore and experience where our feelings came from,

Bringing back gems of understanding and personal resolution.

So good to meet old buddys and to tap into a key formative philosophy and methodology.

What did I learn from Primal Therapy?

Not to be scared of intense feelings or to resist following them from whence they came from. 
It gives me great courage and confidence working with others, that our organism has an intelligence we know nothing about and that it naturally heals itself, in the process of life itself.

Great to see you again Pete and Jenny - you both still inspire me!

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