The Phantom Shopper discovers Outstanding Service in a local Cafe

Great customer service is surprisingly rare and when you get it, it's always good to learn from it.

At my local cafe that I shared with you about the other day, where the owner trains baristas that "Their next coffee made needs to be their best coffee ever!", the owner went one step further from just delivering a delicious cup of coffee and generously giving us his time and attention.

When I was at the counter, paying for this experience, he saw I'd cut myself shaving my head - just a little nick.

He said to me: "Sir, you have a small graze on the side of your head"  He was already in the process of wetting a white, fresh napkin.  "Would you mind if I wiped it clean for you?"

How could I refuse?

I was in awe of someone serving me to this extent.  "Yes, by all means.." I heard myself if in a trance.

And he walked up to me, wiped my head clean and said: "Trust me sir, I'm a registered professional nurse".

Now that, my friends; is awesome service.  And that has got me telling you about it.

What can you do today to blow your customers out of the water with something extraordinary like this?

Let me know what you do.

Let's start a wave of outstanding customer service - the world needs this.

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