The Coaching Conversation - It's not Normal!

When we find ourselves in a coaching conversation, it operates on a totally different context to a normal, everyday conversation.

It's not polite, it's not comfortable and it's certainly not "nice".

But the reason for having a coaching conversation is way bigger than simply being the opposite of those social conventions. 

You need a high level of focus to engage in a coaching conversation, whether you are coaching or being coached.  And if you are allowing someone the privilege to coach you, you have to give them permission.

There are many thin lines in coaching and I confess that I often open my mouth, simply to change feet.

The reason for having a coaching conversation is to enable you to get out of your own way and operate on a high level of clarity.  To clarify your situation, your status quo mode of operation and to innovate and create totally new ways of operating.  The reason for having a coaching conversation is to be more effective and to move you toward achieving your goals.

To be coached in a coaching conversation, you need to be coachable, that is, you need to be open to discussing and exploring your situation, how and why you do things the way you do them and what it's going to take to get you to achieve your goals.  You also need a high level of trust in the person who is coaching you.

It's not natural to be coachable.  

Coachable is a mixture of enough pain to want to do something about your situation, a strong enough desire to achieve what you want to achieve and an unreasonable willingness to examine yourself with rigor.

This does not happen often in our human existance.

Being uncoachable is far more natural.  

Uncoachable is where you aren't willing to discuss or explore yourself with any sort of rigor.  You manage your pain that your current status quo causes you and you keep your desires for your goals under control. 

That's sometimes called "Living a life of quiet desperation", which is how most of us humans live, run our businesses and lead our teams..  You take offense easily and are not willing to have dialogue about how best to move forward.

You are locked into repetative, past based patterns and limitations.  Your chances of success are restricted to the quality of your thinking and actions.

Finding yourself in a "coaching conversation" is a remarkable privilege.  It shows you how big you are, by you trusting and being willing enough to let another person in to put the mirror in front of you.  It also shows you are up for and ready for something new and bigger than what you are currently playing.

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