Long Term Relationships of Trust.

It's something that I learnt in New Zealand.

In a small country, you are simply more accountable.

The anonymity of big cities, gives people the means to behave badly and move on from relationship to relationship.

The amazing thing however about long term relationships of trust is the extraordinary power and possibility that it bestows upon you when you have those kind of relationships.

In fact, once you have experienced the efficacy and quality of a long term relationship of trust, then you don't want to waste your time dealing with anything less.

A smart young man told me today his grandfather and father both told him to always give people respect.  But, if they ever disrespected you, simply withdraw yourself from their influence.  You simply don't waste any time fighting for their respect or being disappointed by not getting it - life's too short and you move along.

Good advice for anyone in business.

Long term relationships of trust.

Who can you start something with now who you have a long term relationship of trust with?

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