What is your Rumplestiltskin trapping you into?

I had a client ring me this morning, with the upbeat tone of freedom in their voice.

They had been working their way through a business negotiation process in which they had been stressing out and not thinking clearly.  Mistakes were being made and emotions were high. 

We had been questioning them to find their clarity and as it happens sometimes they had to sleep on it and it arrived in the morning.

They could suddenly see it clearly - they had been linking a series of past failures, disappointments and not very good decisions with their current negotiation.  Every step of the way was linked into the emotions from these very different situations from the past. 

The past was hobbling their  current performance.

Rumplestiltskin was going to take away the Queen's newborn baby if she couldn't tell him his name.  He had her just where he wanted her.  Helpless.  My client's past feelings had them. 

The Queen's faithful Knight followed Rumplestiltskin into the dark forest.  Rumplestiltskin foolishly built a fire and started dancing around it singing: "My name is Rumplestiltskin, she'll never guess my name..."  Sometimes you have to follow your challenges and stresses into your own dark forest to hear and understand how to name them.

The Knight returned and told the Queen the creature's name.  Rumplestiltskin later appeared that morning to pick up the baby.  He was shocked and powerless when the Queen said:

"I know your name.  Your name is Rumpelstiltskin.  Now Begone!"

He disappeared, stage left, gnashing his teeth with frustration.

It's amazing when you look behind your challenges, limitations and frustrations and find the past incidents, emotions and behaviors that are having control over you in the present.

Who is your Rumplestiltskin that is stopping you from dancing in the moment, present, effective and free?

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