The Surprising difference between Emotions and Feelings

 Emotions are things we have been brought up to express.  They are accepted by our social order and in some ways even encouraged in order to enable hidden social agendas.

Emotions like fear, frustration, anger are generally acceptable and common for us as humans.  Generally these three have some low notes, and don't generally reach a higher scale.

However, emotions like love, once again, generally acceptable and common for us as humans, have a lower range of expression in the emotions of jealousy, possessiveness, domination, but have a very high range that takes us into areas of our being.

Feelings are different.  They come not from our human, but from our being.  They are expressions of intangible values, in many occasions every bit as passionate as emotion, but their origins are subtle, refined and full of purpose.

Generally feelings are experienced during meditation or through intuition. 

Feelings are the language of the being.

Emotions are the language of the human.

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