Orange lights give you time to stop...Red light - it's too late!

Take heed of the orange light.

It may come in the form of a  glimpse of a low level game, the stench of betrayal or simply a Laissez - faire attitude...

It might seem like an early warning, but it simply means you have time to stop.

When the red light flashes, it's too late - no matter how strong you are, your brakes simply won't stop you.  In some cases, you won't even want to stop.

You cross the line, it's all too late, the consequences are now for you to pay.

Life and business are like that in so many ways.

It's always good to look out for the orange light.

It helps you stay true to the things you hold dear.

It helps you stay on the road to your dreams.

Keep your eyes out for those orange lights.

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