The Motivation Clinic

It's nearly the end of January, you are probably back in the cut and thrust after your holiday time and wondering where to find your motivation.

I've been interviewed as an expert on motivation and you'll find a great article on finding your motivation, with my contribution, in February's Women's Health and Fitness magazine.

I've been paid for the last 20 years  to help people find their "MOJO", their internal locus of control, their hot button, their passion.  I'm really good at this and could very well be your own secret weapon in this area.  Call me if you have mislaid your mojo!

And this is what you need to quickly find and engage as you make your mark on the 2014 you want to live.

That's why I'm running The Motivation Clinic.  It's my new workshop that helps you re-animate your inner drive.  I'll let you know more about this later...

However, in the last days of January 2014 and the early weeks of February 2014, you'll be seeing regular articles about how to find your motivation, how to leverage your motivation and how to unleash your motivation.  You, dear reader, will be getting sneak previews of the Motivation Clinic's inner workings.

And pick yourself up a copy of February Woman's Health and Fitness magazine - it's a substantial publication and this is only one of many incredible and detailed articles on all manner of subjects, useful even if you are a man!

Thanks for visiting us here. What would your life be like with some clarity? 
Call me on (+61) 439 979 577 or  email me, Mike Kennedy... to find out if this would work well for you

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