Operating your business with the end in view – For Sale…and open for Business

In my late Twenties I had started a little service company contracting to clients in an upmarket area.

I was busy educating myself while I was running that business and was going to seminars, engaged in courses and was working with a mentor.  I knew I wanted to be a trainer and I was preparing for that career shift.

The more I engaged with the thought and work of being a trainer, the less energy I put into my little business.  It supported me though, even though it became a bit stagnant and stopped growing.

After a while, I found an opportunity to break out into training and I took it.

The training work started to grow and I started to think about selling my business.

This is where I learnt an amazing lesson about business.

I started to put more energy into my business.  I sharpened up my processes, I upped my standards, I put attention into my front end and my back end of my business.  I was getting ready to sell and I wanted to get top dollar for my work.

I even got myself a uniform, I upgraded my tools and my attitude toward my business started to improve.  I started to enjoy my little business again, my mojo returned and I would leap out of bed to meet my day every day.

I found a buyer.  I took him through the two week training I'd structured and he decided to buy my business.  On the day we exchanged business for money, my business had doubled.

I was gutted. I had another business to sell.

At the time, I found this to be a real problem.  I wanted to concentrate on my training, not continue my business.  So I searched for a new buyer.

Which I soon found.

For the second time, I took my new punter through the two week training I'd structured and he decided to buy my business.  Once again, on the day we exchanged business for money, my business had doubled.  I had yet another business to sell.

This was really frustrating!  Even though the cash injection had helped me through my slim pickings as a trainer and the weekly cash flow gave me financial security, I was impatient to prove myself as a trainer.

So when I sold the same business a third time, it had expanded by a half again and I simply included that in the sale price.  I was now free to pursue my passion!

 The amazing point here is, that if you put your energy, your heart, your soul, your passion into your business ~ it thrives.

If you get stale, if you get distracted, your energy, focus and passion levels decrease...and so do does the profitability of your business.

So, if you want to have a thriving profitable business that people love to come in and buy from you, I suggest that you put it up for sale and have it running with so much focus and efficiency that someone would come in, look at it and give you a lovely lump of money for your efforts.  Even if you don't want to sell it and you don't sell it, it's a great discipline to maintain.

Besides, you really do need to have something to be inspired about and work on don't you?

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