Face your resistance and do your best work

Whenever you set an inspiring goal,

Whenever you hit a gold vein of your best work,

Your own resistance is waiting in the shadows,

ready to put the knife in to your best efforts,

To distract you, to put you off, to fill you full of self doubt.

It's good to get to know your resistance,

They do their best work in the dark, under your radar,

When you expose them to yourself, in the act of their dirty work,

When you pull back the curtain and you see the levers and the strings,

You earn yourself some freedom, to move forward and with your mojo intact.

There's a book called Do the Work by Stephen Pressfield.

Read this book's "Look Inside" section - it's a good book for you to know about

God knows we all need as much help with dealing with our resistance.

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