My Life Brand - My "Why"

WHAT IS MY BRAND?  - thanks for asking!

This is a  l o n g  post - it's the result of my own inquiry into my own personal brand.  Please read this with the intention of clarifying what's important to you.

  • AddsValue – wow!  – adding value is what I really really love to do.  To exceed my client's expectation of what value they get from me is what I live for.  I loved it with my nursing work, my service businesses, with my acknowledgements, with my training with my speaking engagements, my writing …and yes, now with my coaching.  I’m like a cat, crouching, ready to leap in and add some value.  I’m not always clear how I’m going to do it, but I’m on the lookout for the opportunity and the moment to pounce.

  • Getting my clients to behave courageously and brilliantly such that they surprise themselves as well as everyone around them.  This always gets me.  My eyes well up when I see something like this has happened on my watch. When I see movies where people go into the realm of the extraordinary, beyond their business as usual behaviours – I cry.

  • Clarity and thinking clearly. Arrgh! That incredible moment when clarity comes into focus.  It’s a peak experience for me when this happens.  And it happens all the time with my clients.  I’m always asking the Dr Seuss question: “How did you get so,oooo smart?”, when my clients hit an epiphany that opens up their world like a mental can-opener. Yes!  Yes! Yes!  That moment of clarity when a person’s life completely transforms in a moment.  And that transformation is just the beginning of a process of opening up. You don’t even have to do anything with these transformations – it’s out of your control and it’s time has come.

  •  The Human and the Being.  We are known as human beings, but the two are totally different creatures – most of us don’t usually make the distinction.  The Human gets born, tries to get through life as safely, securely and with as much fun as possible.  The Being however is different to that.  It knows why it has come here, it has all our creativity, our courage, our values, convictions and solutions to any problem we may have.  All of us go through periods where our human isn’t communicating with our being.  If the Being was a horse and our human was the rider, we sit facing the backside of the horse and go “giddyup” and wonder why our horse doesn’t move.  It’s only when our human turns in the saddle and faces the same way our being is facing, when you go “giddyup” the horse begins to move. And, if you are clever, you reach down and pick up the reins and you can steer your horse where you want to go.  But only if it’s where your being wants to go.  I love this conversation.  I love helping people communicate with their being, listen to their being, hear what’s important to them, connect with their own creativity, courage, values, purpose and start doing what they have come here to do. That's what I do.

  • I’m also delighted when people find new ways to communicate with the people in their lives they find difficult.  The communication area leads right into the area of forgiveness and resolution of conflicts and misunderstanding.  People get to re-frame and re-invent their reality. The other thing I like is how you move from feeling helpless to feeling empowered when you can communicate your way through conflict and misunderstanding.  Issues like feeling bullied and intimidated become much more manageable.
  • Finding your Adult can be a life changing event. I love the process it takes to discover your adult. There’s a definite pathway and I’ve gotten good at taking people by the hand and guiding them along it.  It’s incredible helping people define, meet and come to terms with their critical inner voice.  It’s also a joy to introduce them to their inner child and build a new inclusive relationship with this oftentimes imprisoned part of themselves.  The process of defining the long-time conflict of interest between the critical voice and the inner child is extraordinary to witness.  The building of a third position to act as mediator as well as arbiter in the form of an Adult is a pure act of creation and personal integration.
What you have just read is the raw material of my brand.  Trust it gives you some ideas for defining your own "Why".

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