Life Branding - Your "Why"

This is a process that has been covered beautifully in Stedman Graham's amazing book "Build your Life Brand"

I've been challenged by a colleague to clarify my brand.

I've taken it on and it's lead me to see the parts of what I do in my coaching, that I really love and that I'm really good at.  And that is stuck in the hundreds of other things I do as a coach that I tolerate and am sometimes not so good at.

The point of clarifying what your "Life Brand" (Your Why) is that you have limited time and resources, so why not simply focus on the important stuff.

You can have a look at my efforts in my next post, but this is a great question to engage yourself in.

What is your "Why" in your work and life?

You write it down and then you ask: "Why is that important to me?"

You write your answer and then ask: "Why is that important to me?"

It's a challenging and frustrating uncomfortable process to put yourself through, but I must admit, I've found it incredibly valuable not only for me, but on reflection, I've been doing a form of this for my clients ever since I started coaching.

Let me know what you come up with.
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