I'm setting up my new group personal business coaching on line event

It's for a group of ten, it's affordable, it's using the best of the coaching processes I've been working with for the last 13 years and I'll be leading it every night for 12 weeks.

 I've been developing it from the feedback given by participants of other group coaching seminars innovating and streamlining the process.

It's Socratic, you will be held accountable, you will be expected to participate and contribute to the other participants, it's going to be for inspiring people, ready to take responsibility for achieving awesome goals.

One of the keys I've discovered lies in the front end of the process, the process that we call the enrollment process - not just a sign up and organising the finances, but a laying down of client expectations and aspirations, the construction of well structured goals preparing the participant to hit the live session, ready to run.

What about this would be useful to review your own enrollment process against?

I'll keep you posted.

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