Coaching is Your Second Language

In a world full of distractions, full of  TL;DR (Too Long, Didn't Read),

Where most of us define "Listening" as the period in a conversation, where you wait for your next chance to tell people what you think....

Where the term "Active Listening" was given to the simple basic act of being interested in what someone was saying...

The skills of a coach is like a second language.

You see, when you actually listen to what someone is saying, what they are trying to communicate,

You give them a voice.

The sad part about you, in your life, could be that the people around you,

Your Intimate circle; your partner, your kids, your parents, your siblings and your friends.... are you hearing what they have to say to you?

Your Business circle; your business partners, your colleagues, your staff, your professional support, your clients, your potential clients, your suppliers.......are you taking the opportunity to hear the valuable information they are trying to tell you?

Your community circle; your organisations, your contributions, your community... are you hearing what your community are saying to you?

By going through the motions of listening, you may be missing out on hearing what they are saying. 

This is the function of language - to understand what another is saying.

Listening carefully, asking questions that clarify and giving valuable feedback - this is a new language you learn by being in the coaching process.

The Coaching process gives the people in your life a voice.

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