The Continuum line of Giving Feedback.

Different people give different levels of feedback.

Most people are not good at giving feedback and the best that most people offer up to you is

"Constructive Criticism"

That is, when you receive a piece of that, you no longer want to ever try again,

what you have offered to the world to review.

A coach, however, learns to give feedback,

that's all about the "performance" 

and nothing morally judgmental about the "person"

So you can expect a certain standard of feedback from a coach.

However, within that standard,

due to many reasons,

one of them being the strength of the relationship the coach has with the client....

that there is a continuum of feedback,

that relates to a rating scale of 1-10,

with let's say; '1' being the most subtle and gentle, offering any change as a possible choice for the client.

'5' being crisp, clear feedback that assumes that the client will take responsibility immediately,

and '10' being what we call "Cojones" feedback: "Make the change or don't bother ever to come near me again."
Brutally honest, with a demand for immediate action, otherwise the coach will walk away, never to be contacted again by the client.

The best coaches use a wide range of all the tools, the right tool for the right client and occasion.

When choosing a tool for giving feedback, rather than choosing their old favorites, the coach needs to be looking squarely at the client, for clues about which feedback tool will suit them best.

It's all about the client in coaching.

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