Lou and Laurie - their partnership was greater than the sum, of their parts.

 Today we heard that Lou Reed had passed away at 71 with liver failure.

Amazing what impact and legacy a human can make on their fellow man.

I personally am grateful for Lou's journey, stories and music.

He really did walk on the wild side.

He also knew the dark side of heavy drugs better than most.

 But when I first heard his song: Perfect Day, I realised that something quite amazing had happened to him.

I had never realised that he had carved out so much space for joy and appreciation for the little things.  This man is full of heart and soul.

Not only that, his relationship with Laurie Anderson, an amazing artist in her own right, had a warmth and intimacy that has always been worthy of aspiring to.

Thanks Lou.

Thanks Laurie, for what you gave him.

Our thoughts are with you in the days ahead.

(Aplogies for the advertising on this clip - please be patient - this song is worth it.)

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