Organic Style Creativity works in Business too!

 In Roger von Orch's really useful Creative Wack Pack, there is a wonderful story about an architect who build a collection of beautiful towers on a large block of land.

When the towers were finally constructed, the landscape architect met with the architect to design the paths linking the fine looking towers.

The architect said: "Grass the entire area.  People will find the best way to walk to each tower.  Then we will have the perfect design for our paths."

The landscape architect did as directed.  The entire area was grassed. People started walking and tracks that were elegant and graceful began to appear.

It only took two weeks and the architect simply instructed the landscape architect to pave the natural pathways.

What are the things that you can let the market decide for you?  What are the ways you can get your clients to show you the best way to design and deliver your products?                                                

This is a valid form of creativity - by imitating nature or the nature of our client's behaviour.

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