What Possibilitarians Believe.

 When you stop running from your greatest fears, when you recognise the machinery that's been running you, then you can start to make choices and create, out of the life you are already in, a life that was formally impossible.

When you shed your pretense, your practices of trying to look good and earn brownie points, when you stop your life being an empty performance and you start being yourself.....

Yes, when your life stops being about providing security, comfort and a bit of fun for your human, then its time for you to lead yourself and others toward inspiring and lofty goals.

When you reach this place, you become a Possibilitarian.

Narrative Medicine recognizes the healing power of telling your story as it is, then changing your story to how you want it to be.  They recognize that you have a choice in the matter.

Possibilitarians use narrative Leadership because they believe that
 "We change by changing our stories about our story that we are in."

Yes, it's a mouthful, but have a look at this video and read this again and see if it makes sense to you then.

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