"Fit, in a Coaching Relationship, is Critical" - a message for managers

This conversation is for any manager who is considering coaching as a option to get the best from one of their key staff memers.

This is the topic of "fit" between the coach and "coachee".

You see, if you want to get the stellar results that coaching can offer, instead of yet another mediocre consultancy approach, I suggest that you  take the following sentence into consideration:

Best practice when choosing a coach for someone, is to provide a short list of two or three alternatives and then let the final choice be with the person being coached.


Coaching is not performance management.  It's an empowering process that builds capacity, capability and focus. 

You only choose coaching as a option if you truly believe your staff have the capacity to perform and that they need some help accessing their best. 

It's about empowerment at it's finest and the magic of coaching takes off when the "coachee" chooses the process and chooses the coach.

That's how it seems to work.

I don't make the rules, I just observe them.

Fit, in a coaching relationship, is critical.

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