Real and Good Work Always Shines Through!.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed when someone asks me what I do.

You see, "Our industry has been done over by the big franchises,"

who would sell a business coaching franchise to anyone with a pulse,

And the leaders of those franchises get to be lauded as successes,

When at best, they are heartless opportunists and rogues.

I say this from inside my industry, where I have been privy to some very bad plays that have downgraded our industry's credibility.

Tonight, after leading a facilitation event, someone I've been talking to for the last few months,

stood up and shared how they'd had decided to hire a business coach to help them have the best year ever of their life,

And discovered they'd been sold a lemon by a salesperson,

They were treated badly and unprofessionally by their delegated coach,

They were refused any sort of refund by the franchise owner, who said during negotiation that:

"This contract will stand up in any court in the land"  (Eeeuch!)

The Franchise owner ceded that my colleague had been given a raw deal and offered as compensation:

Two free months of coaching.......(give me a break! After all this - who would want that?)

This is the stuff that really makes me sick.

And after describing her bad experiences with a coach, she went on to say:


"Mikes the real deal - he asks the right questions, 

I've gotten so much out of his work with me"

There is a God - life makes sense - I forgive all the frauds, shysters and hucksters,

for what they have done, because real and good work always shines through.

Forgive them o Lord, for they know not what they have done!

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