Those boys who wrote "Crucial Conversations" know a thing or two!

I worked with a client the other day through having a delicate but crucial conversation with their partner.

The processes within this amazing book are so good, I raced upstairs, got the book and we did a autopsy and a reinvention of the crucial conversation with me reading from the book in my hand.

I knew a young doctor like that - he just graduated and went with his doctor mate to the Highlands of New Guinea and they were performing surgical operations in the bush, reading the text book as they went along.  He told me that amazingly, they never lost anyone!

I can now see it clearly.

Having a crucial conversation doesn't come easy.

It's counter-intuitive.

It needs skill.  Skill that can take years of trial and error.

......and these guys have packaged it all up in one book.

If you want to have effective crucial conversations, get this book - it's not a one time read - it's a reference book with checklists you read again and again while you are on the high stakes court, 
playing for your life!

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