Busines Owners, Parents and Grandparents

When you start your enterprise, you are the parent.

You nurture, you obsess, you worry and you discipline your child, 

every day in every way,

as a parent would.

But when you have your systems in place,

When you climb into business freedom and it all works like a dream without you,

You need to step into the role of the Grandparent.

The Grandparent doesn't worry or obsess - they don't even discipline!

(Richard Branson does a great job of doing this - he spent his younger days building brand presence  systems and processes - being the parent.  When he got to critical mass, he became the playful, magical Grandfather, who poses playfully with pretty girls, telling great stories to the world and to his staff.  - oh what a cool granddad is he!)

But a Grandparent does tell magical stories & spends special time with the staff.

They are the long beard, the heart and soul of the business,

A pleasure and a treasure to be with.

They don't have to be around the business for long.

A short visit is usually enough.

The difference they make is palpable,

Like a fresh breeze on a hot summer afternoon.

Their business runs without them, but benefits from having them visit.

Be a canny and wise grandparent with your business when it can run without you.

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