The Rare Prayer

This one doesn’t happen very often  in my life.

They say that in sinking ships, there are no athiests.

The other day on Easter Monday, my son took off on his bike from us.

We lost sight of him, started searching for him,

Called the police after half an hour and he was only found three hours from then.

I was sitting in the police station, totally helpless, thinking the worst.

Then, out of pure despair and desperation, I cried out this prayer:

“God help me – I have done everything I can – he is yours now.  You take care of him and bring him home safe.”

 I immediately stopped thinking the worst.  I started to be able to make choices in my thinking.

I don’t make this prayer very often.  It has to be really tough for me to humble myself so much.

But the funny thing is….that it always works.

My son got tired and knocked on a random household door that just happened to be the home of some really amazing Dominican Nuns.

He ended up loved, safe and left with a bag of Easter eggs.

Our Easter Monday was elevated from a secular holiday to a modern day miracle.

This is a great business prayer too!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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