Schadenfreude is just something that you do......

Engaging in a bit of Shadenfreude (Pleasure gained from the misfortunes of others)

really is simply engaging in the lower levels of our own humanity,

Making it  wrong

only pushes it down into your shadows,

Okay, so nice people don't do Shadenfreude, but what happens when

you find yourself being fascinated by flood victims, bushfire refugees,

even old friends whose lives just didn't turn out.....

What does it mean, when you find their suffering 

makes you feel better about the

stresses and strains you have to bear?

Don't worry, you have been brainwashed & set up.

The TV news makes it an entertainment form, pick up any woman's gossip rag,

 you hear the laughter as the talented and beautiful fall.

Schadenfreude isn't a pretty face to discover in your mirror,


Acknowledge it.

Accept it.

Embrace the inauthenticity of it.

Then activate & choose your higher notes of your humanity,

Choose to honour the wholeness of your being,

......even your diamonds have come from humble coal.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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