The King of Cambodia's funeral is near

Former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk had died in Beijing at the age of 89 on October 14.

After months of being held in state his funeral will be on the 4th February 2013.

If it wasn't for working with some amazing Cambodian people recently, I wouldn't have even concerned myself with this event, knowing little about Cambodia's history besides Pol Pot's atrocities and America's "Domino Theory" of the 70's.

But like most absolute and paternalistic monarchs, here was a man who took responsibility for everything that happened on his watch. Check out a short history on an amazing "Global Security" website.

And what a charismatic, unpredictable, flawed and charming man he was.  Underestimated by the French, adored by his people, feared by his political rivals, undermined and attacked by major powers and ultimately no one could deny his sovereignty in Cambodia.

But his passing marks a period in Cambodia's history, that although written in blood, sees a whole generation of Cambodian Diaspora, raised and educated in Australia, Canada and France, return to create a new and vibrant economy and culture.

It reminds me of the Australian bush, when a fire ravages the vegetation, only to regenerate with strong regrowth and some seeds even needing the searing scorching heat to sprout and thrive.

 So for all of those Cambodian ex-pats, Diaspora and the younger generation of educated, urbane and global thinking dual-citizens who choose to go back to the adventure of helping rebuild Cambodia from the ashes:
may peace be with you, may you leave your past behind you with your Kings passing, 
may his passing be your revival and renewal as you have transformed your life with the
 luxury of peace and freedom, where you have thrived and succeeded, where you have 
grown strong and wise. May you find your destiny large and productive. May you be complete.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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