There are two "I's" in the word Integrity

Your integrity is your word, both in the public and the private domain.

The word means wholeness. 

And in that wholeness is the maxim: "What you see is what you get."

Everybody's integrity is different.

That's because we are all different.

But it's the Transparancy, the trust that's generated when you know what to expect from someone - that you know that they will keep their word. 

That who they say they are, that they are indeed that.

Somehow that's your challenge.

How to accurately depict yourself, your business and your projects in terms of who you are.

Not how you think you are and you actually aren't....but who you really are and that that's obvious by your actions, thoughts and results.

There are two "I's" in Integrity. 

One is about who you are and the other "I" is about who you are in the world.

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