The Components of Overwhelm

 Something I learnt this year was about what made up the state of overwhelm.

It appears to consist of several components.
  • At the base of every overwhelm is that the person experiencing the overwhelm feels unable to share their feelings with anyone, or doesn't consider that sharing it will make any difference. That is too bad, because sharing your overwhelm is the best way to escape it controlling you.

  • There is usually an unacknowledged  weighty feeling of responsibility, usually accompanied by a fear of failure and the consequences of failure.

  • There is usually a perception of being unable to understand whatever project you are engaged in and a feeling of lack of control in executing your project successfully.

  • The Stress response: "Fight or Flight" is in full swing and you are only capable of "Chemical Thinking"

In this state, you are not very productive.

In this state, you have no access to your creativity, courage or intuition.

In this state, you become a victim instead of being a master.

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