Note's to a Coach...about taking good notes


Always take care to
note down your client’s
commitment to actions.

It keeps them and you
and in touch with
what’s going on.

One of the important
competencies of a coach
is to capture insights
And record them.

That’s why you take notes.

Notes that will reveal
to you and your client
just where the client is
really wanting to go
or what is stopping them
from getting there

Good notes can be a
life saver and a
life changer.

To be able to feed back
what your client has said
can reveal their being,
their wisdom
and their pathway.

It is a coach’s gift to the client.

So take good notes of
Their challenges, their goals,
their upsets, their breakthroughs
and their insights.

They will be grateful for your gifts.

And your gifts will
always bear fruit.

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