There is a way of breathing,

That will calm your mind and your body,

That will give you focus and prepare you for action ahead.

It will bring forth your intuition and bring you into the now.

You need to sit comfortably, with the aim to do this

for at least ten minutes.

Firstly you breath in for a count of five,

Expanding your breath firstly into your diaphragm,

Pushing your belly out and then filling the upper chest,

Pushing out your chest,

Then, you hold your breath,

For a count of twenty…..and,

When you are ready, let it go for a count of ten,

Pulling your tummy in, forcing the air out from below……

Then, you breathe in again, for a count of five,

Starting the cycle over again.

Do this for ten minutes and you will be performing an

Ancient meditation, the pranyama of the Indians.

You will find your thoughts will quieten without great effort,

Your body will relax and your mind will clear.

Do this every before you give a talk, go into a meeting,

Or any task that requires your presence to be strong.

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