How can you think resourcefully?

Well, that's the question.

Especially when you find yourself:
  • Being overwhelmed by your work at the coal face of your business
  • By being overworked and having no left over time or energy to think clearly
  • Getting left behind by your customer behaviors and values
  • Not staying ahead of, keeping up with or generating change in your industry
  • Not having a team of people to support you in implementing your business
  • Worrying about all of this and losing sleep
 This is what I suggest.
  • Take a regular time out to plan and reflect
  • Set quarterly goals
  • Clarify your vision, values and what you do best in your business
  • Force yourself to take regular holidays and breaks during your year
  • Have someone with ruthless compassion and the courage to tell you the truth to keep you accountable
  • Regularly celebrate your achievements
  • Regularly exercise
  • Eat and supplement well
  • Spend more quality time with the people you love and care about.
 ..........Over to you.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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