What's the difference?

 What's the difference between someone with any limitation or condition, who doesn't know they have that limitation or condition,


Someone who has that same limitation or condition, who knows they have that limit or condition?

The answer is always: choice.

The former has no choice.

The latter has choice.

and choice allows you to generate possibilities.

You see that in Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings,

Where the statement: "...and I'm an alcoholic!" 

Allows broken spirits to stand tall and try again, by telling the grimy truth about it all

We see that in the special Olympics,

Where you witness the miracle of someone with no arms,

 winning a freestyle swimming race,

Awareness is the first step to transcendence of the situation or condition.

What can you be aware of in your present circumstances and endeavors,

That can enable you to have choice?

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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