Money + Power = Aphrodisiac = Charismatic Attraction!

I walked out of an office the other day and saw someone who I recognised as one of the countries business successes.

His clothes were opulent quality, fitting beautifully, his posture was tall and proud and he oozed the sort of charisma, sex appeal and attraction that only an abundance of power and money can deliver.

His car was expensive, high quality, powerful and understated.

I can see how people look up to him as a leader.

He made me think about Napoleon - a dramatic and powerful dresser of his day - blessed with charisma, power and wealth - being so turned on by it all, he made love to Josephine everywhere - he even had a tent for them on the battlefield.

Even in defeat, his enemies couldn't bear to kill him - they exiled him to the island of Alba - such was his legendary charisma.

This is all nuts and bolts for an image consultant - and certainly this charisma is accessible for anyone who has the courage to wear those symbols of power and wealth, stand tall and live into it. It will simply reinforce the feeling of power, wealth and charisma - which in turn, will help you actually be that.

The theory about that is:

"The way you treat yourself, is the way the world will treat you"

And is it just me, but isn't Tiger Woods looking more like a sensual powerful hunk than the innocent preppy, hardworking and dedicated athelete since his marriage woes?

Annie Leibovitz portraits of Tiger in Vanity Fair are amazing!

Let's face it - Tiger has his share of wealth and power - so much so he can simply shut the media out! But certainly now, his boyish good looks are replaced by him being overtly the powerful, sexually charged negro man that he really is.

Hey - I'm not going to let you get off so lightly!

This blog is not about distracting yourself with celebrities - it's about you learning from them! You can do what these guys are doing and benefit from their example of dazzling the masses.

How turned on are you by your current sense of abundance of wealth and power?

What are the clothes in your wardrobe that make you feel that way?

Why not start wearing those every day?

More importantly: What's stopping you wearing these clothes every day? What are you scared of?

Why not start being like the charismatic leader you know you really are?

What are you waiting for?.....permission?

- that's it from me, Mike Kennedy,
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