Maddy has passed away.

Another death this year came on Saturday when Madeline Horsefield passed away at Auckland Hospital last night.

She was amazing the way she handled it all - right up to the end - all she wanted was positive talk. We met Madeline through a business club we belonged to for years called SWAP - Salespeople With A Purpose. We all encouraged each other to have a positive attitude throughout the years. She was a great example of a Swapper!

We saw her just before she died and then we came back to spend time with her body, her family and her friends.

Death really does bring up lots of feelings for me. Seeing someone pass away is always an amazing experience that brings up all sorts of feelings for me.

She waited for a friend who came from Perth to see her - her friend came and whispered in her ear....and then she just left soon after that.

I've been thinking about Maddy all day today.

Thanks for having us be part of your life Maddy.

- that's it from me, Mike Kennedy,
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