Rescue Vs Support

Ever saved a moth from scorching itself on a candle flame?

You put it away somewhere safe.

It gets up and flies straight back into the flame.

Some people are like that.

Hell bent on their own destruction - no matter what you try to do to rescue them from their own fate, they get back up and head straight for the candle.

Rescue is a mugs game.

Support is a game where you have a chance of success.

Support can only happen when the moth realizes what the flame is all about and gets committed to a more positive and productive outcome.

It's never about you - it's always about the moth.

If you keep choosing rescue, you are wasting your time and will end up hating that silly old moth.

So are you willing to renounce rescuing moths?

Are you willing to only support people who have made up their mind about a positive outcome for themselves?

Are you willing to have success with your endeavors with people?

- that's it from me, Mike Kennedy,
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