"Low Carb" Beer - Marketing Spin Promising Skinny Drinking!

Ah! The smoke and mirrors of your friendly local marketers are in our lives - business as usual!

Last week, the media featured an expose of "Low Carb" beer.

It appears that 33% of beer sold in New Zealand is Low Carb Beer. It's a low carb beer for responsible drinking.....but for some reason, when they surveyed the drinkers of this beer, they all thought that if you drank Low Carb beer......well, you would stay light! Or at least you wouldn't get fatter.

The expose explained that Low Carb alcohol is only 15 calories lighter than heavy beer.

They went on to say that the brand was being marketed in the same way that "Lite alcohol" beer was marketed. Now this kind of drink really does have less carbs....but the guys aren't embracing it!

Marketing turns a product into a must have.

Last week I reviewed a course with materials and kept finding persuasive language all over it - from the marketing spiel to the instructions and packaging, to the shopping cart. The marketers have been over the whole process with their fine tooth comb. The product was basic, well prepared and backed up.....and covered with marketing! It looked compelling from every angle!

If you have a product or a service, how can you make it more sexy and appealing with marketing?

How can you get your product or service to market and position itself to as many people as possible?

Let me know if you have a product or service and lets have a chat with you how to do this.

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