Your Body's Posture Creates Your Thinking.

After 25 years of including "body workers" in our DressU2Win! workshops to help people recover and integrate their natural body posture, we find ourselves recommending our business clients to invest in this process.


Your body's posture holds memories of past pain, disappointments and forms your current reality and thinking to repeat patterns based on your body memory.

In other words, your body's posture holds your possibilities in your life.

Have a quick check on how you are sitting right now. Is your head high and straight, or if you put a crown on it, would it slip off? Are your shoulders straight and strong, is your spine supporting your body with it's beautiful natural curves? Are your hips aligned?

Is your body supporting your thinking - is your thinking clear and resourceful and in the present.....or are you stuck in unseen patterns that stop you relating to what's right in front of you creatively and resourcefully?

Honestly - if you are stressed, in overload and not thinking clearly....if your word isn't law in your universe, if you can't make things happen and your life seems like it's out of your control - seeing a body worker is a good idea as part of your sustainable rejuvenation plan.

Good body workers
practice modalities such as Heller work, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and deep tissue massage techniques. You can change your life for the better by taking charge of your physiology.

Theresa Gattung
, ex CEO of NZ Telecom was interviewed the other night and professed that she regularly employed a "Energy Worker" to keep her sharp and on top of her game. Top executives, business leaders and leaders in general use these techniques regularly. They just don't publicise it like Theresa!

...what about you? Why don't you seek an experience of this and find out for yourself!

Mike Kennedy,
Helping you find your clarity, in the hot pursuit of your meaningful and inspiring goals! email me and share what's important for you!
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