The Curse and the Magic Mirror.

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who had a terrible curse placed upon her, where her ill health made her a prisoner of herself and this curse lay heavily upon her.

In despair, she looked for her Prince who would release her from this dreadful affliction. She knew that his Love's kiss was the antidote to this curse.

And indeed a Prince did come to her rescue – he saw her strength and her great beauty and brought his great steady strength to her. He dedicated his love and devotion to her and gave her the kiss that she needed.

But the Princess did not recognise the Prince’s great intention, nor the power of his love and devotion to her.

For her, he was like the frog – powerless to liberate her from her spell.

And because she thought that, her thought was more powerful than the magic spell she was under. Her ill health remained despite the prophesy being fulfilled.

He tried everything, but nothing he did seemed to work.

And so the years went by and they lived together, he wondering why she was not being the woman he saw inside and she trying to do the best with what she had.

Then one day, the Prince found a magic mirror in a field and the mirror spoke to him and told him that his Princess would see herself as the Prince saw her if he put the mirror to her face. The mirror told the Prince that he was strong enough now to break the spell and that’s why the mirror had shown itself to him.

The Prince took the mirror and chose a time when he and the Princess were alone. “My Princess!” he called, “Tell me what you want. Tell me what you really, really want!”

“Oh why do you ask me this when you know I have a spell cast upon me?” cried out the Princess in despair and she turned to face him.

He brought the mirror to her face and all she could see was the strength and beauty that the Prince saw every day he looked at her. She felt the curse fall away and she embraced the Prince.

“Thank you for saving me my Prince!” she cried.

“No – thank you for saving yourself, my strong and beautiful Princess!” said the Prince. “..and now, are you ready to write our own happily ever after?”

And they did write their happily ever after, and they shared adventures they had never dreamed possible and they lived strong and beautiful lives together, both supporting each other’s projects and interests, living lives that they both loved.

What is your excuse for not writing your happily ever after?

What fairy tale are you acting out and how can you take charge and open the key to your own prison you have created for yourself?

Who are you waiting for to rescue you?

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