An Urban Fairy Tale.....

One upon a time, the knight in shining armor, sees the damsel in distress in the dragon guarded castle and raises his sword and does battle with the fiery dragon. After a terrible battle, the knight climbs the tallest tower in the dragon’s keep and releases the Fair maiden.

She embraces him right back and they go out to celebrate at a fancy restaurant.

When they finish their celebration, the knight says:”Okay – what’s next?”. He says this because what his life is all about is rescuing damsels. He is never really sure what to do with them after that!

She bats her eyelids and says “Let’s go down to the mall and do some shopping! That would be fun!”

They leap onto his faithful steed and gallop off to the mall.

Whilst in the mall, the knight is feeling uncomfortable. Shopping is just not his thing and all he seems to be doing is carrying shopping bags and waiting outside dressing rooms and ladies bathrooms.

Seeing his discomfort, the clever maiden quickly grabs his attention again – “Ohhh – help! Help me! Help me!” she cries out in the mall.

Instantly alert, the knight drops his bags and leaps to her side with his sword drawn: “What ails you fair maiden?” he valiantly questions her.

“I, er, have a terrible problem sire and only you can help me with it – will you help me kind sir?

“Of course my princess – let me know how I can help you!” He said looking around for the threat at hand.

“I, er, need you to help me be more confident! You are so confident and so brave – and I am so shy and weak – please sire, help me be more confident!” she implored.

“No problem my dear one!” said the knight, armed with a purpose and a quest, to help the shy princess be more confident.

Suddenly the shopping was infused with meaning for him and he spent the time helping the maiden be more confident!

He was happy, but she was starting to get irritated with his trying to help her all the time – you see, she was a modern girl, just trying to keep his attention – she knew that a knight just wants to rescue maidens – that’s what their role is! But she was getting tired of this game – she had to keep inventing things for him to rescue her from…but she was scared of losing him, so she hid her strengths and abilities and kept playing the game of being a damsel in distress….

One day, when the knight in shining armor was going out to get his distressed maiden some pizza to calm her nerves, he walked past a shop front and saw his reflection at what he had become. He may have been wearing armor, but he hadn’t been for a real adventure for a long time. He was just reacting to the cries of distress from his maiden.

He had become the prisoner of the maiden, who had become the prisoner of the rescuing knight who only knew one thing in life – how to battle and how to rescue.

He stopped. There had to be more. He wanted more…..he knew he didn’t want to live his life like this anymore.

He took his armor off and looked at himself without it on.

Suddenly he remembered why he put the armor on in the first place!

He was trying to protect himself from the pain he was feeling – from his decision to lock away in the West Tower, his own angry painful self. This part scared him – it was so volatile and so dangerous – he didn’t want anyone to see that part of himself.

So he locked that part of himself away and only showed his friends and everyone the smiling, happy clown, trying to entertain, trying to have fun all the time.

..and that worked for a while, but he started to feel the pain of being separated from himself and so he invested in some shiny armor. No-one could see his real self now!

….but that only worked for a while, so he started to look for a maiden to rescue – after all, that would give his life some meaning wouldn’t it?

So off he went, rescuing maidens and getting bored and looking for another maiden to rescue….just so he could distract himself from feeling his pain.

Then he met the clever maiden who worked out how to keep his attention by getting him to re-rescue him over and over again!

What was his life all about? He thought.

Then he remembered where the key to the room in the West wing of his castle was. He caught a taxi, went straight to where the key was and then straight up the dark staircase, put the old key in the rusty door and creaked it open warily.

What he found was a total surprise – he was expecting an angry, fearsome self, so he was poised for a fight.

But what he found quivering in the corner was his pain, a little bruised and battered little baby, needing his attention, his love and his nurturing.

He knelt down and picked up the little crying baby and cradled it against the warmth of his body.

“Don’t worry little fella, I’m not going to leave you this time!” he whispered to the tiny child.

…..and that’s the story of how the knight in shining armor finally rescued himself from his own fear and pain.

….did he live happily ever after?

Well, that’s for you to decide.

Rescuing people is a mug’s game – usually to distract you from your own problems.

Damsels in distress and knights in shining armor bounce off each other, terrified that they will not be attractive to each other. Even worse, the smart ones manipulate the situation for their own ends.

“All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts……”

                                                  William Shakespeare – “As you like it”

What’s your choice?

What do you really want?

How do you want to be in your life?

....let me know!

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