The Winner's Vision Overcoming all Obstacles!

The Winter Olympics today showed us an athlete in pain striving to achieve!

In the Women's Individual Sprint Classic of Cross Country Skiing, we saw Petra Majdic of Slovina this morning having a three metre fall in her qualifying race warm up. She was obviously hurt as she had fallen on her ribs on a big rock, but she got up and started back on her warm up while her aides were racing to get medical attention.

She entered her qualifying heat and we saw her go over the finish line and collapse on the ground groaning with pain.

Later that day, she had fought her way up to the top performers and I saw her finish painfully to get the bronze medal. Once again, she was on the ground, writhing in pain.

After the medal ceremony she explained that she had visualised for years to make this happen and that everyone in Slovinia wanted it to happen and that she was going to do whatever it would take to make it happen - phew! The power of a compelling and inspiring vision!

Two questions for you:
  1. Is your vision compelling and inspiring enough for you to endure physical pain to achieve your goals?
  2. Is your vision bigger than you? That is, are the hopes and aspirations of a whole country riding on your success? What can you do to make your vision be about more than just you?

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